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AntiSnooper Screenshot While you are working on computer PC, If you want to keep hide some important document details from the Windows Screen, that it will not come to you as a natural way and against you need to higher some third party tool you need to install on your Windows PC. AntiSnooper is a tiny software that function on your PC to secure your privacy through blur option While you open Window from the personal computer.

Once you have finished installation 11.5 MB of data and selecting Zip, or EXE files to support your device. After that the window suddenly it will turn out blur position when you remove the cursor from the screen. The tool can help your secret from the intruders. These things, it will come easy when you’re in Social network or creating text documents and it all come to you as a privacy mode.

AntiSnooper has an auto functionality that shows all current documents and choose the open windows to make blur. Whenever you need, you can bring it back from the desktop to protect your personal information. You have an option to set time out protection, after the period of the time your cursor moved away from the window and automatically activate the AntiSnooper. All of your applications are protected into the profile tab whenever you like replacement you can remove from the profile tab within the app interface.

Source: AntiSnooper   Via: I Love Free Software 

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