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If you start typing content in notepad or blank web pages the Windows cursor will follow you to take control where you have to start and where it was left, sometimes your cursor will not highlight you where it was, if it is the white background then it’s ok fine. If you have faced multiple color web page, then finding Windows cursor difficult and where you left and where it was blinking?


If you want change your cursor line to show a broad width, not most of them like this variation, if anyone losing common track while typing on the notepad. Here are the fine tips that anyone can do Windows Cursor adjustment level that How-To-Geek finds out the point on Windows Control panel.


To Change the Windows Cursor Width:

Open your Windows Operating System->Control Panel->All Control Panel->Make the computer easier to see-> finally Set the thickness of the blinking cursor to increase the level.


Now the cursor level adequately changed into the thinkness, this is one you like before, it will take you to start typing following with line cursor. Now it’s possible to have on your notepad or somewhere on your internet page.

Via: How-To-Geek, Lifehacker


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