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Who without a live internet connection, now a day, the world is surrounded by internet connection. Wherever you go, there you must need a WiFi network to get useful information. If you ask yourself these all good things how it comes to every internet user. When you visit nearest restaurant, shopping mall, Cinema mall, office and wherever you go, your mobile device connects, If you have a WiFi connection on your system device.

In such a condition, if you use your home WiFi internet connection is a good and perfect to work with them. But all time if you think it will support like this means, if someone use without your permission or using illegally, then it might go down your WiFi strength. To prepare everything, you have to know that which devices are connected into your personal Wireless and to get the full information from the router.

WiFi Inspector is an Android App, to place the app, all you have to do, just install the application on your smartphone device. The app brings the total details of user devices which is connected to your Wireless network and having many simple and modest features are available.

We have highlighted above, the main features in this application to find all connected users from your WiFi network or Open Wireless network. In this way, you can find the connected devices only, you can’t customize the internet users, if you want to do more there are more end user apps available on play store. This is your safety purpose only whether your WiFi network is secured in condition.

It has a great and simple feature to guide them. Users can get the free and paid version on play store.

Source: WiFi Inspector for Android   Via: Maketecheasier

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