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Paperfold App Completely Redesigns His Email Functionality on iPad

Are you looking a better Email Inbox organization that helps you most out of the way, we believe some email users they don’t prefer any hard working function inside the email box. As the case May be you are looking some different kind of movement on your email, an adorable way.

Paperfold app released on the App store for iPad user, people who doesn’t like the boring settings have some rest with easy steps on email. The app doesn’t have enough features which forwarding, email filters, or task. Anyway the email look better comparing to previous options. In this feature you look some amazing things happen from the developer folding experience that make you very simple who believe the past think has given touchiest to access email and now made it clear everything.

With Paperfold, you just download the app from App Store, and log in with a single user account and you will get the whole experience from your email inbox within a new track.

The app uses email as tiles, and diffuse around the corner on iPad. And you have lots of space between the messages, to identify everything across the device. If you want to view more than swipe with finger right to left on the iPad screen.

Doing this way the email section comes into “fold” togather, and showing next email pages.

The app listing video and images right on the message, and able to view those files inside the email. If the email message receives the link, straightaway click it to watch those views from in-app browser without skipping the email inbox.

In this app, you can load those attachment files automatically accepted and the free flow loading system, which gets fast to open the documents in an easy way.

Paperfold app is now available on the iPad, and you can download for free on the App Store.

Source: Paperfold for iOS

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