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Mustbin App 2.0 Brings Up Encrypted Messaging With Cloud Storage Both on iOS and Android
A new Mustbin rolling out both iOS and Android mobile application that started with encrypted and organized for private documents and capturing many information through our smartphone camera, and now making a new entry for private messaging to allot a huge memory with new coming Mustbin 2.0. The app puts on the top row to bring a handsome of features and comparing many other applications, along with “un-send” content, that you have taken those photos it will never appear on your mobile camera machine, as far as the function quickly moves into personal documents through from Mustbin’s jointly added cloud storage favor and more.

With Mustbin present mobile secure cloud storage service which includes “bins” act like a folder where you can store private data, like credit card details, bills, notes, bank details, and more. The app adopts many features to access and find solution to capture, record image or video and share particular consent in various format.

Anyway the Mustbin app, it comes to useful, and running secure cloud storage has not been enough place to keep emulate with larger cloud storage companies like Dropbox and Google Drive. It is for the reason Mustbin has kept focusing to on his secure messaging service that brings end-to-end encryption.

A new Mustbin 2.0 brings many features are included for a messaging system “Take It Back” and “Open-to-View” are the one. While you are receiving a new message from the application, you need to use a PIN to calculate the system. As now the un-send items, users have the options to trash the message through from the recipient holder account and also it made for use.

Additionally, “Secret Camera” the option allow you to capture photos from your own phone camera and it will not appear on your camera machine. So you don’t feel it happen mistake those photos it goes unfortunately will display on the desktop computer or documents. And you can use for personally in this occasion.

The phone camera users had more choice to share personal photos or the whole files already stored in the Mustbin and you no need to share the bulk items which it comes a “bin” folder using another account holder. And also you can access group chat on the screen.

The strongest point is Mustbin brings your stuff in top secured level of encryption. All of this, your phone device no one can access even your friends can’t do, for this you need to enter a pin code to verify the account on the app. That’s it.

Source: Mustbin for Android, iOS    Via: Mustbin, Techcrunch

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