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The Extension Highlight Text and Restore Each Time You Visit on the Web Page
If you are working seriously on the web page, you could meet the lengthy page view, when you start searching most important content that you want to find for your current project and makes something that you need it. Sometime it disturb you, because you like personal needs to be put in the bookmark link and save in the folder. Once you return to the same function, it will not come so easily to on your hands and you need to discover interesting references and particular paragraphs all it comes mix.

Super Simple Highlighter is a Chrome Extension let you allows to highlight the text and each time visit the web page, it will restore your previous items so the extension brings very simple on to you.

That every user can expect the extension works one or more text collecting on the lengthy paragraphs size to highlight using with mouse drag with cursor to block the text and give right click and the color option will be displayed you Red, Yellow, Orange and More.

The most things in this text highlighter select the text and restore again is the most preferable action on this extension. It may help to find the minimum level of text to search or you can open with the next tab to look back or save it.

Super Simple Highligher comes with very simple thing on to chrome extension to help web search content. At the same time, the tool pretty straightforward in most cases to highlight the text and restore on various web pages.

Source: Super Simple Highlighter for Chrome Extension  Via: Betanews

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