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AVG's Crumble Extension Shows Attitude Tracking Blocker on Google's Chrome
Surfing internet people wants to avoid tracking functionality, most of the websites they use cookies that they want to know the user experience. In some cases, It can abuses users profile and credibility on the mark while you search internet on the web. If you are Chrome browser user then you may go through with AVG’s Crumble, it’s a new chrome extension give more room to stop cookies, tracking pages and provide your experience without spying. Crumble extension was developed in AVG Innovation Labs is currently available in beta condition user can test without any fear.

If you are not aware of cookies, it seems like a small text file that has been stored in the computer browser directory whoever runs their sites. And start tracking any user brings the browsing habits. If you want to visit again to the website where they use cookies it offer to fill out the your profile and covered into the cookies and sent to web browser saves to bring later use. Specially, this may go to use to target the ads.

Crumble extension deliver in numbers on cookies through chrome, when you open particular website their you may find more details about the block trackers or accurately finds the links comes forward, with chrome top right corner there you can check the icons it shows in number once you move to another site the extension start from “Zero” counts. The Crumble extension works single control component, it can turn the blocking of the tracker into on or off.

The Useful features from Crumble here:

– Prevents online tracking companies from creating your profile via cookies based on your online browsing

– It’s always up to date because it does not rely on a predefined list of online trackers

– By design does not offer preferential treatment to selected ad networks (unlike some other extensions)

– Does not break the user experience on websites you visit

– Does not hide any content on the websites you visit

– Shows instantly who is tracking you on websites you visit

This AVG Crumble very useful extension whoever trying to track your profile through on the web, it’s possible to restrict those online brands through this tool. It will not break any user experience when you are in the browsing habits.

Source: AVG Crumble for Chrome Extension 

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