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Secretmoji for iOS Brings Message Are Scrambled With Random Emojis

You can find plenty of encrypted chat apps are buried into the App Store. You can check some running apps like ChatSecure, Cryptocat, Signal, OneOne and KakaoTalk and few others. But the same time what kind of taste that people wish to cover their secret names and addictively using emojis?

In the means, there was an app that silently landed into the App Store. Secretmoji is a messaging app for iOS device that reveal your secret chat messages with scrambled emojis.

After installation Secretmoji, the app doesn’t ask you any log in potential of Facebook or Tweet like what other apps will do – At the same time the app asks you to select the PIN. It’s difficult to maintain everything, the app asks you to select four emoji instead of taking numbers.

If someone sends or you are receiving chat message, you can find the message was scrambled with emoji. If you want to unscrambled them, find the padlock from the top right corner and enter your four digit emoji PIN. This one keeps your privacy every message that send or received, but maintain this way it is really energetic.

The Secret app is free to download from the App Store, and if you want full access and no ads the app request you with less than $0.99 in-app purchase, and also you can set some extra emojis. That’s it.

Source: Secretmoji for iOS    Via: the next web 

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