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Atmos Is a Crafted Weather App for iPhone & Apple Watch
To know your weather result about your world famous cities, there are many apps lay over at the App Store and choosing your interest based from the bundle of apps that developers has been included of user experience and the app have their own style with many attractive features to clinch the users. Most of the weather apps they don’t bring enough feature while they miss something important which is the people look for that. Atmos is the one that heartly felt to give an exact result of weather reports on the possible way to your iPhone and Apple watch.

Atmos Is a Crafted Weather App for iPhone & Apple Watch

Using with Atmos, it can handle every feature with crafted role to weather data the most user friendly design so any user who having this app on their mobile device and you will get the whole week of the day.

Atmos Is a Crafted Weather App for iPhone & Apple Watch

Atmos has deep consulting into the weather forecast once you reach on to them, and also it keeps reminding you when you wanted to know the weather condition. That’s why the app brings a huge feature so the Atmos weather app can keep goal with full of information without using enormous details inside the app. You can search weather what do you want from the Atmos which bring the result hours, week all it happen with a few steps of swipes.

Atmos the including features:

• Elegant and simple forecasts make planning for the day ahead fast and
• The “Today Widget” gives you quick access to the current weather
wherever you care without even having to open the app.
• Location tiles give you a quick glance at weather in multiple places for
easy comparisons of the weather all around the world.
• Traveling? Use Atmos’ intuitive sharing capabilities to brag to your
friends back home.
• Every forecast has a hand crafted theme to match the feel of the
weather outside.
• Atmos for Apple Watch gives you the perfect companion to your
iPhone with a slimmed down look for quick on the go use.

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