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The Fido U2F Security Key Is A USB Drive Makes High Security Log In Service to   Gmail

Image Credit: Yubico

Gmail account has two-step verification, instead, you don’t want to find using codes to identify the mobile, you can plug in a check and verified the USB stick on to the computer. This USB stick you can carry easily anywhere too, and also you don’t have to feel about the battery or network. As per Google, it can provide a highly secure protection anyone who willingly tries someone’s data. Here are a few of the features that you can get those points.

The Gizmodo site explains, how the USB stick works when you are going to log in to Gmail? Your USB drive needs to be supported with FIDO U2 Factor. You can find a variety of items available, but they couldn’t do anymore. Yubico Security Key is the one can do perfectly with your Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Head over to sign in to Google, from there you don’t have setup two-step verification function right now switch on, this is the time that you need the right platform to setup a tighten security. If you where find some additional layer, then the security key highlights as an alternative on the settings page.

And select ”Add Security Key” to start and setup the function. After that Click the Register button, and insert the USB stick in the empty USB port, and tap to click on the key logo button and finally click to ”Done” the process.

This same USB key can be used in multiple accounts and keep safe with backup codes. That’s it.

Source: Yubico  Via: Gizmodo 

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