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Image Credit: phrozensoft

Image Credit: Phrozensoft

A Winja is a remodelled version of VirusTotal Uploader and now released on Windows 10.

It can offer you to scan each and every file, download programs or running application on Windows with VirusTotal. It has four (Process Viewer, Task Scheduler, Windows Startup, Registered Services) additional important main courses that available for security tools.

This app takes his own strength with new design to get the highest level of database and Phrozen Material component that follow like Google Material and seem like a Windows 10 graphical movement. Even your computer has older version for users it can work powerfully with Winja.

It has a feature that shows a simple base and securely scanning process that drive your file through from your internal, network or removable drives. You can HTTP URL for download and scan your system never affect anymore and also get faster result use Quick Process Scan button.

If you are looking to check all files to scan wherever the malware placed ”Quick Process Scan” is the one works with single functionality.

Winja is a Windows platform, that’s compatible with Windows XP and later version.

That’s it.

Source: Winja for Windows 

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