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A Simple Way You Can Control App Volume on Android

First of all, we should clear about one thing about controlling app volume, and also there is no shortage of application on Google Play Store for Android mobile device. When you buy Android phones the device carrying hand buttons on beside of device that control and manage your podcast, music, video and the rest of the items. When you use the hardware button it comes much easier, but sometimes it couldn’t help you to finish everything. The best choice is that you need to layover volume control settings on your smartphone screen to bring the adjustment on the app volume.

App Volume Control is an Android mobile app for free, the app feature rolled out make control on volume app where currently running or exit. If you feel where the physical support volume control make you more disturb you and making you the highest sound and notification when you watching movie interesting, or you don’t want to disturb with volume anymore.

When you use this app on your Android phone the version starts with Ice Cream Sandwich and later version. This application doesn’t require you to get additional permission to access any feature on your device. Once you have achieved the feature allow you to change App volume automatically. After, you have done, the whole listed of apps that you have installed on your Android and system applications will be displayed on phone screen.

To change App volume, the brings three types of function one is headset volume settings, speaker with Bluetooth which connects automatically without any changes you are going to look that. As per settings, you can set volume between the media, ringtone, alarm and notification and system app sounds are coming into default settings. With this app, you can bring upgrade to Pro such an item to be removed from the app.

If you are looking the better one and more useful application, then you can search App Volume Control app on Google Play Store.

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Source: App Volume Control for Android    Via: Ghacks

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