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Image Credit: Simplenote

Image Credit: Simplenote

This Simplenote is a free App to create notes, list, and your ideas and also the app stays on the top with sync across the platforms.

Now, the company Automattic, stands behind with WordPress and Simplenote, that has made a new version to support for all apps. The app welcomed open source application. This runs on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.

The new arrival for official Simplenote app client whoever enjoyed their design, storage and syncing, that makes easy publishing, but if you want to give some custom option right now the feature suits very well.

Even you can find some custom versions that connect your program, normally, the app has some basic level option it can work on different platforms and also you make flexible to share thing directly online. This new update builds some greater option for community lover whoever lives around the world.

Source: Simplenote     Via: TNW

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