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Go Radar for Pokemon Go Asisstant App Tracks Live Maps in Real Time

Pokemon Go is now everywhere publicity, and a lot of people whoever lives around the world they enjoy playing the game. But the app recent behave affect a number of people with the clearing of footsteps option in the game, for precaution the game developer Niantic has made big decision shut down the real-time Pokemon Go features.

The app gets a recent update that Pokemon Go has removed Footsteps, you may have to look some other crowdsourced Pokemon tracker app alternative, the app can feed their information on Niantic server. Go Radar is a Pokemon Go tracker app for free, available on the App Store. Anyway, when you are using this on your smartphone it brings ads supported.

With Go Radar, let’s allow you to track Pokemon Go in real-time using with crowdsourced info. This feature doesn’t go deeply their user’s credibility it can track Pokemon. This app finds Pokemon offspring of a place connects automatically and highlights to you.

It’s all about finding Pokemon through on the Map using tapping method, and expeditiously displays their name, disappearing time, indicate you with time to catch Pokemon. Tap on the steering wheel to get help to enter Pokemon, which may help you to find something new and unknown location, where you can get Pokemon experience.

A few of app’s settings that give you able to manage Pokemon Go, the app displaying Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms, if you want to hide Pokemon used in common, or displaying Pokemon used Favorites. Find you the Pokemon from your current place with a meter, and display the timer before Pokemon will hide from your app. And also you can set the notification wherever the Pokemon placed near in you. This going to be rocking feature, that you want something nearest place. You can set vibration if you don’t find regular Pokemon, as you can find common and favorite nearby you. From the originality you miss something on Pokemon, it’s going to be harder when you miss tracking Pokemon in real-time by removing their footsteps and shut down much third-party application which supports Pokemon tracking services.

The important feature, which is mind blow settings, tap to find Settings button available on the top right app, and there you can access app’s settings. In this feature, you can setup which is the favorite and common Pokemon for your suite.

Source: Go Radar for iOS   Via: iDownloadblog

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