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Now Start View Google Calendar Events on Your Google Maps

The company Google rolled out a new update for Google Maps on Android that allow Google Calendar events and Contacts on their Google Maps.

Ask you prompt to sign in to Google Maps and their Calendar, your events become very popular in this Google Maps which works automatically. This feature will find you a list of events through Your Places–> Upcoming tab, if you want to hide those events tap on the event on the map and tap ”Dismiss”.

Your trip saves from home or workplace to get exact places within seconds. And also you can sticker to identify your home and work place on the Google map. To run this feature Home–> Your Places to get started.

This new update brings Google labeling function where you can search the label from Google Maps. All you have to do simply press the label button and add the name. So you don’t have to enter the name.

Furthermore, Google Contacts now available on the Google Maps. And this will provide a list of addresses for your contacts so you can trigger the name of the address. At the moment Android users can get this feature immediately on their mobile phone.

That’s it.

Source: Google Maps   Via: Google

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