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The latest MacBook Pro gets this dual graphics cards, when you perform on this system on your macOS and particular applications that will connect between two graphics card. From this you can make the choice for your PC to run integrated GPU or discrete GPU for your system battery life and get better performance.

Anyway, when you are switching GPU, the feature can offer you some astonishing condition in your MacBook Pro battery life. So, you can bring any modification onto this device. Some of them, they don’t prefer at all to minimize the graphic stability. Here you can find how to disable automatic GPU switching for the MacBook Pro. The site OS X Daily pointed out clearly.

* Go ahead to Apple menu–> System Preferences –>Energy Control Panel.

* Uncheck from the box ”Automatic graphics switching”

* Note the statement “When automatic switching is disabled, your computer will always use high-performance graphics. This may decrease battery life.”once you read out the statement and you are satisfied with give OK to disable.

* Close the System Preferences

Once you have done, the changes will take within minutes. You don’t have to give priority for rebooting your Mac.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily

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