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How To Generate MacOS Sierra Bootable USB Drive from Windows 10

Apple recently launched a MacOS Sierra to OS X desktop version, and this new feature available for registered developers. If you want to install macOS Sierra a developer preview on your Mac desktop version, then make it conform that you need to bootable USB drive to finish the process. To create bootable macOS Sierra on USB drive, this work project will finalize without third-party tools, how the Windows bootable USB drive can be setup through Cmd (Command Prompt), if your Mac computer doesn’t have bootable section, you just keep finger on to Windows PC to generate the macOS Sierra bootable USB drive as well.

Before you starting the program, you need to confirm DMG file for macOS support, USB drive it should be 16GB memory space, and Windows PC (Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10) and finally TransMac a trial version, you no need to download file completely onto your Windows PC.

Once you have done above feature, you can create easily macOS bootable USB drive from your Windows computer. Let you can start your process below given the step by step feature.

A Simple process can create macOS Sierra bootable USB drive to install Windows:

1. First of all, you need to Pin the USB drive on your Windows PC.

2. Visit TransMac official website to download the latest version of TransMac application to your Windows PC. Actually, this software brings a paid version, but you can use a 15 days trial version that can be a part of bootable install the USB drive without any problem. Once you have done the download the application, you can run the .exe file to your Windows PC.

3. To find Type the content of TransMac on Windows start menu in a search box, Right-click on TransMac, and Run as administrator. The list will be shown and click on Run button.

4. Once you have found the TransMac on the left-hand side of the pane, at the same place you can see the connected USB drive to create macOS Sierra bootable install USB drive. Select the USB drive with Right- click and click Format Disk for Mac.

5. Then you will find the warning dialog box and the message shows you This disk may contain mounted PC volumes. Formatting will overwrite them. Are you sure you want to continue? Click Yes button or cancel No button.

6. If you are using Windows support USB drive, then the drive becomes Master Boot Record (MBR) partition type. So you need to change the partition into GPT (GUID Partition Table) before you sending DMG file into the USB drive.

7. After you clicking the YES button, the small window will open Format Drive for Mac dialog box where you need to enter the drive name. Under Volume Name–> enter the name–> OK. To finish the format.

8. Once the format is finished, open TransMac and make right-click onto your USB drive, and Restore with disc image feature and Click Yes button.

9. A small dialog box will open which contains Restore Disk Image to Drive. Under Disk Image to restore, click the drive icon to select the file to find the macOS Sierra DMG file. Choose the DMG file and Ok –> find the file and Open–> Ok to make an exit.

10. And it starts preparing to create macOS Sierra bootable installer USB drive. Once you have done all the process, you can bring the Mac device to connect and you will be the first person to install the macOS Sierra on it.

That’s it.

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