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If you are using an Android phone, sometimes you forget your phone PIN or passcode, in this situation you no need to dismay. As you have authorization to access your browser or using a Google ID, through with this you can easily access your Android mobile or tablet within few steps.

To recover, you have to be ready through on Android Device Manager, which brings all Android devices well connected. From there, you can reset your PIN or passcode, and you can also find the place on the Google Map, ring it, lock the device, or erase complete your data from Android device. The site MakeUseOf writer Nancy Messieh explain nicely to generate a new passcode.

Test by Android Device Manager from your favorite browser. Once you open the web page you need to use a Google account to get inside the Android Device Manager to find the device. Click the Lock button and you will see a pop up page to create a new password. For this you can use Lock pattern, PIN or passcode to replace the old one with new one. Even your phone turned off, you are able to reset a new passcode.

Once your Android unlocked, below steps find you more helpful:

* Settings

* Lockscreen and Security

* Screen Lock Type

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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