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ScreenPop App for Android, Rolled Out Picture Message on Your Phone Lock Screen
What you want to know about Phone lock screen? It is a really simple matter that sending messages  straightaway to someone who holding mobile the image which is brings message to lock screen it’s not a big deal on Android version. At the same time, If you look there no apps are becoming to send picture message on this way.

Locket’s ScreenPop is a new kind of Android app, and allowing to send clear picture messages point blank to the friends and colleagues device lock screens. The feeling which it comes from Snapchat.

After download this on your Android device, let you allow to take pictures and flavor with stylish fonts, sticker, and many more that you like it. Once the photo messages reach his friends phone lock screens, and it comes easy to reply onward through ”Like” the lock screen photo, or use swipe mode to skip another session into the phone device. The main concept is the picture message the person who receives or skip those messages after that it will pass from the sight.

All you have to know, ScreenPop pictures are directly moves into the user interface without giving any indication users has to find the solution to view it or not. If you use Snapchat, and the user has to get inside, the material to open those Snap. But here the Screen Pop something different concept to show their invention, what we can give the best for Android users at all. We have no doubt about this service it gets maximum feedback upon for the service. So go head to get the ScreenPop app on Google Play Store.

Source: ScreenPop Lockscreen messengers for Android 

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