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Mostly the stock camera app uses a Single- lens reflex camera (SLR) this normally uses for mirror reflection of the system, that allow photographer to view and see what you have done through photoshot. But the iPhone’s own camera app now fully supported on high dynamic range (HDR) photography, but it is a very small margin. If you search those camera apps they are simple design and very convenient to get the best result.

Fusion- HDR Camera, It’s quite different and allow you to make a special entry of your pictures deeply without looking as much of things at all. This Fusion app takes few advantages to give a burst mode into the iOS 8, along with three varieties of exposure and three tenths of a second. These three mixed to one HDR photo which is covering the best place of the under and over exposed photo shots.

The Fusion camera something new in this category, each shot that point and set to lock, same like an SLR camera. Your camera app keeps in control the whole a day at one place. The camera section brings some useful features are shake detection, spot meter, set a timer, histogram, shutter button, and lock to shot, so you can find the exact valuation of shot in the real time.

The second one Fusion’s editor section, it brings out the best practice of combined tools and save you in one place. And also it has a few options to edit the photos, they are fusion round, color shade control, contrast, Intensity, White Balance and few others.

The app session list saves you a set amount of photos, so your work project will be in live mode. If you went back, then bring those shots and start editing again. That’s it.

Source: Fusion – HDR Camera for iOS

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