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If you are not a famous personality or someone who continuously sending unsafe photos to your phone or adding to your cloud storage, maybe these are the reason that you feared about your thought of someone being viewed your images or stranger who has been hijacked of your photos.

CloudSlice is a new iOS app entered into the App Store, if user looking something than the additional security layer comes to your photos not only doing the encryption job, but it spreads into various locations and supplying multiple cloud storage services the main concept to become to secure the content. CloudSlice improved security of your stored photos, because the CloudSlice doesn’t keep any photo onto the cloud that carry as a Slices and contain into the Cloud storage servers. If your cloud storage account has been hacked by someone their user can get the copy of photos with slices. While every slice included a piece of secured image data, and finally made the app doesn’t reveal any more. With CloudSlice, the app connected with up to five cloud storage like iCloud, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive and Box.

CloudSlice for iOS Gives Your Photos More Secured By Sending to Multiple Cloud Storage

To connect with cloud storage you have to set a unique type of password and link up to five cloud storage services with CloudSlice. And you can start uploading those photos that you saved on iOS photo gallery. If you want to make many slice, you need to upload photos, all you need to do find the + button on the app main screen and choose the photos from your iOS library. If you want to bring those missing photos you can retrieve easily using tap on the thumbnail of your collection. All the photo slice will be collected and placed into the CloudSlice, from there you can use the feature to share and exporting too.

CloudSlice makes an entry to give a secure proof of user photos. If you want to try CloudSlice, you have to remember the passcode that you have given, because the CloudSlice doesn’t keep anything from his mind.

Source: CloudSlice for iOS ($4.99) 

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