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I Haven't Got Time for the 'Paign for Chrome Extension Filter Out American Election

If you are living in U.S or outside of the country, you want to know how to stop the American election campaign of 2016 on the web. Simply you can make everything possible with Chrome browser. The new chrome extension was named I haven’t got time for the ‘Paign”, You can stop entirely all election news and social sites that listed Americal election news.

Once you done the installation, the tool settings page rolled out a pops up the message that ask you how long that you can keep those campaign election in restriction mode. You can bring many changes between the functionality of U.S election campaign.

This extension right now works to hide those news articles through Twitter, Facebook, Slate, the wall Street Journal, The Atlantic and Vice and also informing the number of articles where it was hidden. Using Snooze option you can click on chrome extension that you can watch out easily how it was filtered out. And also the extension details the number of times the available hidden text. In this tool, if the site gets non-stop to show the news, again you can set the date and time to control the election, so this will not going to shut down the news permanently.

This chrome extension support whoever living out of America and the people who aren’t interested to keep an update with the election news. You can move the cursor to icon extension click once for a while that you can use off or on service for the time period.

Source: I Haven’t Got Time for the ‘Paign for Chrome Extension

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