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Pushbullet Brings A Full Text Message Service On the Web

If you are a Pushbullet fan handling more SMS service in the mean time, and now the app follows a big new update with full text experience for an SMS message. The app finds you with recent changes all of your conversation messages, has been rolled out with Play Store support that connected all SMS conversation on the web, search engine browser, and computer desktop. As you have normally done this service between the mobile and now the update of conversation brings up into the computer desktop at the moment.

Those messages has been replied from your mobile phone, Pushbullet now makes you more comfortable through from your computer PC on the work, and you can pick those text conversations from the phone and all the message that you can divert where you want to do them. This new full message service syncs with your smartphone.

With this new update, your SMS displays on the left hand side and you can click those threads to bring on the right handed side, it opens the history from there you can start sending the text by simply entering text message and give enter button. That’s it. While you are sending text message these all going through from your phone app, so there is no difference in sending those conversations between the person.

You can bring multiple conversation on your computer desktop on windows, all you have to do hit to the next contact name any from the list. The message that all you have shared  from the computer, it will stay on your app mobile phone, so you can grab any time those conversations still having too.

Source: Pushbullet for Android 

Via: Android Police

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