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How to Hide/Display Full Email Headers in Your Mail for OS X

For your information (FYI) that you wish to hide or display complete email header for attaching to email messages in your Mac OS X. While doing this way it can reveal a lot of information about you, the sender of email messages and more. While making them more valuable each and every data for some reason, particularly for the users who wish to keep those secrets of email message.

The site OS X Daily pointed out that the Mail app in Mac OS X can display a full email header for your email messages, and reverse to the default header and also you can use shortcuts to hide the headers in quick format. Here you can follow a few steps to that you can end, whether you need to display or hide the headers.

Display totally Email Headers in Mail for Mac OS X:

* Load Mail app and select any email message through the Inbox and open it.

* On the top Menu–>View (pull down screen)–>Message–>All Headers.

* Finally, check the email header information available on the email message.

Once you open the email headers come very lengthy about email, content, and more.

At the same time, if you want to hide the full email headers in Mail app on Mac OS X as default headers.

* Start from the Mail app, and choose any email from the Inbox.

* Same step like move on to View menu–>Message–>Default Headers.

That’s it. Mail app users can tweak the toggle your email header to display or hide email headers, using with Command+Shift+H for your any email message.

Via: OS X Daily 

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