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How to Open iCloud Tabs, Bookmarks and Apps in Chrome

You can’t switch off the browser where they completely packed with the ecosystem, that’s why Apple’s Safari browser is one difficult to replace at any time. Safari will keep opening all tabs on Mac in many supporting devices, and also it has a bookmark facility to syncs, reading list and more.

Unfortunately, if you want to switch to Chrome on Mac, it gives a big effort to run every program, you can’t put everything down grade it has a feature on the chrome integrates web app, extension and access faster any application. Doing this way, you may miss out iCoud account, If you want to continue on your Chrome. You have to download a few applications through on your Chrome browser.

While opening iCloud tabs on Mac, it comes to you very easy to open Tabs using with Safari and you can see those tabs on a variety of devices. It’s all happening one click option. But you can’t approach this feature on chrome, for this you need to download CloudyTabs from GitHub site. This application stays directly on Mac’s menu bar. From there you can click and show all open tabs around the devices.

If you see Apple doesn’t have any solution for iCloud tabs to run another browser, but when it comes to iCloud bookmarks, it has a own extension that you can find out on the Chrome Web Store that brings support for your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Unluckily, this feature is only supported on Windows at the moment. Because, Apple wants to improve Safari to use everything in sync.

iCloud apps aren’t working directly in the Safari browser, as you have to visit on Chrome site and you can easily access those services. But there is a simple service to approach using Chrome Extension come to perfect. To perform this service download Launchpad for iCloud from chrome web.

If you are frequently iCloud user, then this little chrome extension that gives a standard to Chrome an extra power head over to Safari. That’s it.

Via: GuidingTech

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