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Save to Google Is A Chrome Extension Trying to Overtake Pocket App

Millions of people using a Pocket extension not for a content that have been taken one step forward for your attention, Google silently release a new Save to Google Chrome extension and it makes you challenge of ‘‘read it later” and few other services.

While this new Save to Google can compare with Pocket, if you are a regular user and depends on something that you are missing out, Save to Google doesn’t have grabbed the text feature from the article. Alternatively, this feature will provide a link that you can allow for later. In this function, you can bring notes and tags for your articles and you can make more organized those links are saved and to be remembered. The saved images can bring out from the Google image search engine, and this like a notebook against Pocket app.

As the result shows that you can achieve only through on the PC, not available on your mobile device. Finding articles or pictures that you have saved for later. To search them, visit google.com/save. And also using this extension come over with limited condition, but it has a fast thinking of mind, easily you can perform the article through browsing and saved items has been left out with lengthy bookmark.

Source: Save to Google   Via: Lifehacker

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