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Everyone wants to be a time saver, whether they want to search important thing on the web, social media, or anything else, without mouse device, it is a possible thing means for myself we can do anything faster approachment on the particular items. While keeping beside your mouse and using keyboard shortcuts, it’s a pleasant surprise to save the time. But if you know very well about the keyboard shortcuts that can be navigated through on the web it comes to the top place. This social media cheat sheet well packed with shortcuts for well know application like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and also Ello.

If you see below infographic it can tell you a lot about shortcuts, but the things is this cheat sheet has a common function, allow you to create a new post, jump into the top post, reply those posts faster, likes or make favorite posts, move to the top search bar or open search tool. If you read the full article inside the infographic you may find a huge shortcut that worth doing, like CTRL+ALT for a friend request on the Facebook, or CTRL+Backwards or CTRL+Forwards for 10 seconds while the watch YouTube video, or G+F makes favorites on your Twitter like this more you can find and use on your social media. That’s it.

Try This Social Media Cheat Sheet Is a Complete Keyboard Shortcuts

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