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An Easy Way You Can Restore the Control Panel in Windows 10's Win+X Menu

Microsoft has boosting Windows users without using Control Panel in advance settings. This feature gets changed for many useful things, but the Windows user doesn’t omit the Control Panel in most of the time.

In a recent update of Windows 10 build, the Control Panel was removed from Win+X menu (Which is normally every Windows users will access through right click on Start Menu), some of the people get confused to modify those incoming settings. Now, Windows users don’t get anxiety to get those shortcuts retain in latest Windows update build version.

The site Ghacks find out the solution, you have two chance to go and restore the Control Panel in Win+X menu.

Download Win+X Menu Editor from Winaero site:

* Win+X Menu Editor is a free Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatible to manage Win-X menu

* You can remove the links or add into programs or system tools

* Control Panel listed in Group 2, you can’t find out in Win-X menu.

* If you want to include Control Panel to any group

* Your Windows must carry 32-bit or 64-bit to bring Win+X menu editor for Win 10 system device.

* This tool will support to add Control Panel link in any chosen group

That’s it.

The second process is manual:

The German blog editor Deskmodder has explained how to add Control Panel to Win-X manually.

* All you have to do download old shortcut from Deskmodder site

* Load in File Explorer


* Take back up all history in the Folder

* Copy the Control Panel which you have download into the group. After that, i will remove the available link

* Finally, restart the File Explorer.

If you find difficult to add Control Panel in a manual process, then you can choose Win-X Menu Editor. It’s all your choice.

Via: Ghacks  

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