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Flappy Bird was developed by Dong Nguyen, and the game new Ninja Spinki Challenges!! comes under on his banner. You can find the game app on both App store and Google play store. The app has a six type of mini-game to complete those tasks all it comes with trial based when you put the end mark you will be a Ninja star.

Through on this game, it keeps avoiding those bouncing cats and cannon fire to the target with a Shuriken. The app challenges of the time-based with clear way and how it will manage those risking movements. Once you have succeeded from the basic, the app helps you unlock the upcoming five versions that may challenge you. You can also make unlock those six versions without any limitation on to the games, so you can do non-stop to reach your top scores.

This new Ninja Spinki Challenges!! was departed from Nguyen, who was already famous for Flappy Bird, that went viral on the previous day. In that way, this new game arrived to challenge to every mobile gamer. If you are more interested then you go with App store or Play store.

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Source: Ninja Spinki Challenges!! for Android, App Store

Via: The Verge

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