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It’s a limited time to achieve a free Plotagraph+ Photo animation application on your iPhone and iPad devices. Actually, this application brings you a $5 price tag to get from the App Store.

Find and tap on the Discover tab located at the bottom of the app, scroll down once you touch the app page bottom for Plotagraph+ placed at the bottom. Again, tap ”Download now for free” and you will find the basic details about this application. Tap the blue color ”Download now for free” button situated at the bottom of the app screen. You can redeem the gift inside the App Store app. Tap Continue–> Redeem on the top left corner on the app page. Once you succeed to redeem the code, tap on Done.

To generate a nice Plotagraph, tap (+) icon to add photos from the Photos or use the Camera icon to pick a new photo. In this you can create track when you tap and drag in the direction that you like to move the animation. To make mask your photo, you no need to use animation, for this you can use the Mask tool. All you have to do drag the speed bar to make an adjust the animation speed, and save the video to camera machine or send through online with loop like GIF or PNG files.

Using the iPhone and the iPad, you can really create a nice story with a unique way with animated images. The app interface look awesome and you can find multiple tools in open. Now, the App Store app welcome to make a copy free of Plotagraph+ and That’s all.


Via: iDownloadblog

Source: Apple App Store

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