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If you are a one of the Android device user then you know the backup and restore which it comes all togather a built-in feature to save your personal data and variety of installed apps. Doing this function comes very simple, but all the time it’s not going to support you anyway. And you are ready to go with this function here is the tool.

All you have to do download Android SDK from your computer. This one help to make backup and restore from your Android device. The process will ask you to make sleep mode your phone screen at the time of function during the process. To make this shot Settings–>Display–>Sleep and set a long time.

Backup and Restore Your Android from your smart phone and tablet:

Enable USB debugging:

* Settings menu

* Scroll down System

* About phone

* Tap Build number or newer device to enter password

* Hit back button and choose Developer options–>System menu

* Confirm Developer option must toggled and Scroll down to USB debugging on.

Backup your data from your Android device:

* Connect your Android to computer

* Use command prompt or Terminal and find the ADB tool and enter ”ADB devices” the pop- up message will display on your Android device to grant your computer permission to act on your phone or tablet.

* Type below

 “adb backup -apk -shared -all -f <filepath>/backup.ab“

* Now you can see the full backup window. From there you can encrypt the backup password (Recommended)

* Tap Back up my data

* It will take a long time to complete the function, and finally you can see the new file will apply on your computer.

Restore Android device data:

* Connect your Android into your PC

* Command Prompt or Terminal to make navigating to the folder and find the ADB tool are integrated and type ”ADB devices” as usual that you followed in backup.

* Type below one

 “adb restore <filepath>/backup.ab“

* You can see the full restore window. Whether you included the password in your backup, then you need to enter.

* Restore my data

* As usual this process will take a long time. Do stay with a peaceful time.

That’s it.

Via: 9to5Google 

Image Credit: Rach/ Flickr 

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