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Through from the Gboard app update, you can see built-in stickers and finds you more than 120 languages.

Nevertheless, if your choice multiple virtual keyboard on your Android phone then it will not going to be ended. If you download and installed Gboard on your Android, the app becomes trendy around. Yes! Google’s Gboard keyboard gets a new updated, and this one brings stickers and adding addition 40 languages.

Google Japanese language gets full integration, the previous edition allows the user to type the language. Whether you are using Google Japanese Input, you get to go through manual download and set the app for Japanese typing the content to achieve experience.

Finally, the app introduces a built-in stickers, when you tap on the sticker icon through Gboard you could achieve them. These are solid process once you have it on your smartphone.

That’s it.

Source: Gboard

Via: Android Central

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