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If you never check it out your phone keyboard for a new update, that becomes a more insecure way to achieve your target.

Whether you are using default keyboard, that you didn’t take any action last few years – When you go through on Android keyboards, there you can see much better service, that you can type faster and makes you very simple.

Skipping third-party Android keyboard, it may not affect your phone. Through on this, you will more productivity. And also the app help you make faster typing, and it brings emojis and GIFs.

Google’s Gboard for Android keyboard that completely rebranded for your simplicity, search anything from the bar, themes, and more.

The alternative, you can choose Swiftkey app for Android phone. It’s a people choice gesture typing, predict words, and the app engine helps your faster typing. Same like this you may through some popular keyboard available on the play store.

If you are interested to enable the third-party keyboard, you have to download the keyboard from the Google Play Store.

All you have to do open the keyboard app, after that it will help you to enable the process to make successful. To be done the product, you have to visit app Settings. The site MakeUseOf pointed out to change the virtual keyboard.

* Open Settings–>Language & Input

* Tap Virtual Keyboard

* You can find installed keyboard, after that you can find Manage Keyboards.

* Tap the toggle next to the keyboard name to run selected keyboard.

Finally, you have done the virtual keyboard in phone Settings, it will not affect your Android keyboard. You need to set the feature manually.

To change the keyboard in Android, you can move into the selected keyboard or view keyboard.

* Search bar to set the keyboard.

* Once your keyboard displayed, you can find the keyboard icon at the end of the bottom right corner of the navigation bar. Once you find and tap on it.

* This will gives you the option to change the keyboard which you have installed on your phone device. Find and select to turn your keyboard.

Finally, you have turned into the new keyboard. If you want to change both default keyboard or third-party keyboard, you just tap and hold the Space bar. That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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