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You must give a credit to your Android phone, it can give permission to customize anything. You are welcome to change particular items and not give to your restriction from changing launchers to the icon, you can bring those moments to fit your phone screen with beautiful things. Icon Pack Mixer is a new app for Android phone users, the developer from Adapticons, you can download and take a action against the app. It gives the opportunity to mix and match to a variety of packs in one single.

The writer from Ryne Hager from Android Police demonstrate about Icon Pack Mixer, he didn’t mention the device he used for Icon Pack Mixer to get customized. But I tried out through on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to get customize a new square shape icon pack but the result I get Error Occurred (No icon packs found) I am unable to get those mix icons on my favorite mobile device.

As per Android Police review, once you download the app you can find all icon packs that you have installed, all you have to do choose the app that you want to be nice icons, make confirm and wait for successful customization on your selective based icons.

I personally tested out this app, it couldn’t get the result from this application.

That’s it.

Source: Icon Pack Mixer

Via: Android Police

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