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Sunrise Calendar is an iOS mobile support application updates a new element which is more important to this app, it means you can search past and future events using with title, exact place and new attendees. And one more feature added into the Sunrise app and it will support to push for Google Calendar. If any events are changed, then the real time of notification will be available in Sunrise. At the end of Todoist integrated with Sunrise to get full task support from the calendar.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop gets a new update for Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The new function brings Fn keys to the Keyboard, extendable session support, cortana, and few of them.

The messaging app Telegram is now refurbished with more additional features on Android mobile devices. With single connection you can connect more than 200 plus chats are can be done. At the moment the app step into v 1.8.0 giving you a nice future logs to use them on your smart phone device. It brings you send messages in the background section, autodownload functionality, frequent uploads, and more option are here, when you update or installing a new Telegram app on your Android mobile device.

Sunrise Calendar for iOS:

– Search
Finally, search is here! You can search for past or future events by title, location, and attendees. Search has been designed to be fast and is available by dragging down on the upper calendar view.

– Push for Google Calendar
No more waiting for events to sync. Today Sunrise becomes the only calendar on iOS to support push for Google Calendar. Any changes to your events will be pushed in real-time to Sunrise. You will need to enable push-notifications for this feature to work (open the app to accept them). Then edit an event on Sunrise Desktop (now available on Mac too!) and see the change sync immediately on your iPhone or iPad.

Todoist Integration
This great to-do list and task manager app is our latest addition to our apps! Connect Todoist with Sunrise and get all your tasks your calendar


Sunrise-iOS-mobileSource: Sunrise 
 Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1:

Fn keys are now available on the extended keyboard
Updated the disconnection behavior in preparation for multi-session support
Added a link to the feature request site from the About page
Added a new command to Cortana (“Remote desktop add [a] [new] desktop”)
Bug fixes and other improvements


Source: Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview 

Telegram for Android:

Send messages in the background (messages are sent even after force-quitting the app)
Autodownload media in the background
Proper handling of interrupted uploads
New vibration patterns
Improved blocking UI
Delete older profile pics in any order
A lot of improvements and bug fixes


Source: Telegram 

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