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TypeSnippets Introducing a new keyboard experience for iOS 8 users that make visually text expansion. As an alternative you are doing a typing a personal email address, and phone contact number typing over and over happen a number of times on your phone, Here is the TypeSnippets can create a shortcut that user whenever they need just tap the globe icon to activate.

Are You Exhausted Over Right With Same Text on Keyboard? Try TypeSnippets App for iOS

Where you doing a text expansion particular tools that allow you to justify each text was tapped with small creation, and text simple for snippets for common purpose for phrases or looking to get a piece of details, TypeSnippets is an application, care inch by inch doing a snippet and visual text items to tap on the keyboard.

There are some tools eligible to create snippets like same way TypeSnippets has been moved into the keyboard app. Once you tap the snippets to begin, and next you can add real name, email ID, and more it possible on the app. With TypeSnippets keyboard on iOS compatible, all you have to do just tap anytime used snippet and you mostly become perfect. Through this if you are using regular as a keyboard, you have an option to build a new one from your iOS clipboard.

You can check out the TypeSnippets app available for free from the App Store, but at the same time if you want to access more than you need to unlock with $2.99.

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