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Microsoft Office Lens App Changes Your Notes and Documents into Scanner With iPhone &   Android Mobile
Scanning a document and note that everyone known very well, it’s not a new product to review anything. Recent new apps are indicating that any files can adjust and set through from your mobile devices. Microsoft’s Lens apps arrived on Windows Phone and the app quite impressed by mobile users and now the apps enter into the Android and iPhone devices.

Using with Lens app, the app takes his full responsibility to scan a document and it will support to convert into MS Office Word, PowerPoint and also PDF files. While you capture any documents the Word will protect the total design of the paper document and it will make successful thing with OCR to convert any image to text format. And the app also creates contact details on your business card.

Have you taken a photo of Whiteboard then you can see some changes from your Office Lens. The image will be automatically edited and spin, and converts the images into the items and cleans up those shine and dark looks.

If you are doing multiple action like business cards, whiteboards, receipts, or sticky notes, then the Office Lens will do automatically edit, adjust, and clean up everything and export into the OneNote, OneDrive or you can choose your cloud storage, and also you can convert into various file format like .docx, .pptx, .pdf these are the files having a full credit to move into the OneDrive.

Microsoft Office Lens releasing his full version of the iPhone, but at the same time Android user can access a beta support right now with preview section.

Source: Office Lens app for iPhone    Via: the verge, Office Blog 

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