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Quip Brings A Standalone Desktop App On Both Windows And Mac Users

The mobile support office Quip app is now entered into the Desktop computer, The company confidant to shake the well know Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and now the native computer desktop app brings his support for both Windows and Mac devices.

Quip app, it seams look like a mobile app when you follow on your desktop computer. Now, more with Quip, you can make Sign in to the app, there you can find all company documents are now accessible in offline and online that supporting to all mobile and computer PC.

While using cloud services, you will get real-time collaboration and syncs across multiple devices that you without getting any drawback. If you are looking to open documents instantly the app support to open very faster. And find you those documents that you have saved in the desktop computer. You don’t have to wait for downloading until you to open the docs.

”A lot of effort into making Quip Desktop feel like a part of your computer – a truly native experience — Quip App”

If your computer supports Mac version, all of your Quip office documents highlighted in Spotlight Search. While you are searching through from your desktop, the documents which are collaborated that displays side-by-side personal files. While you access through sign in to desktop you will get a real
experience. After you sign in on Quip desktop computer, all of them indexed and find instant search from your computer.

Additionally, the Quip app adds notification. If someone tries to send the message or shared this with you, on your computer the pop up notification will be displayed at the end of a corner of your Mac windows screen, so you can clearly respond it. Each and every change that you can bring into the desktop and the documents synced on to the smartphone and tablet.

Source: Quip App for Windows, Mac

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