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Postbox Unleashed His New Program and Enhancements to Make Shorten Everything On Email Admin
The favorite email program Postbox has received a new feature updates for Windows and Mac version. Here is the Postbox v4 has made a new entry with Quick bar actions for signatures, cloud sharing add-on, which is supported to connect for Dropbox, One Drive and Box.

Postbox 4 also rolled out focus pane and a number of tools and visuals, along with the app well designed to cultivate the compose box, edit and open email box much easier on too. The new cloud file sharing add-on brings installation directly from the main program, and shares those links not to accept manually through emails. The file could benefit through messages, and having less space to store on the server, and you can easily can update those sending messages. The app introduces Focus Pane, which brings you filter the specific file on the messages, so the temporary items keeps away from the diversion. And also the Focus Pane brings multiple attributes, contacts, read and more. So the Focus pane concentrates with more knowledge to select in the new tab.

The updated app brings you social view support to track their own social accounts through Postbox. In addition the feature gets a new subscription program view, Quick bar options, full HTML editor functions all it happen on emails. The app user can now define composition goals which have taken much time to stop the email or the user shifting into multiple windows composition.

The Postbox 4 adding a Domain fencing, it can stop sending error email message to someone. On the sidebar user can improve faster the recent contacts, docs and pictures in the compose window. You can change your quote colors through using with color-code on your own personal rainbox window. While you are opening the mailing list, and the app sets the program to grab the list unsubscribe, and you can set back to address to make unsubscribing from the list to make very simple and convenient.

Before, we have seen the new update features and now the Postbox 4 has some improvement in this app program, In the past the column or classic view and now sort out into more specific message, To-dos are now coming more visible on their interest. The app enhanced more with dialogs for topics, Quick Move, and Switch. Your expectation will keep positive, the icon dropdown menu is now click and hold button so they don’t pop the window.

Postbox 4 has first 30 days trial version for Mac and Windows. If you want to purchase the full version, then keep an amount of $15 and added extra taxes on to the purchase. Once you purchase the license it can work on both Windows and Mac OS X. That’s it.

Source: Postbox        Via: Postbox Blog 

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