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Yahoo Mail Now Ready To Add Pictures, GIFs And Links To Your Email Compose

Yahoo. Inc introduces a new integration to Yahoo Mail, that any user who use regularly email they can add Pictures, video files, GIFs and Links to their email messages.

The new feature brings Yahoo’s a new (+) button mark situated in the compose window at the end of right corner, and there you can use the mouse cursor to click add the photos, videos, or anything that you want to add on your email without using Ctrl+ C and Ctrl+V formula.

Once you click the button, you can watch the four panels (Photos, videos, GIFs and Links) are displayed on the right side of the window.

Here is what each category contains:

Photos: View photos that you’ve sent or received in Yahoo Mail sorted by date, with the most recent photos up top. You can also
search for photos from the Web or Flickr using the search box.

Files: See files including documents, presentations, PDFs, etc. that you’ve sent or received sorted by date. If you’re looking for a
specific file, you can search by person or keyword in the search box.

GIFs: Have some fun by sending a GIF (animated image). We include search suggestions, but you can also search from GIFs across the
Web and Tumblr. We’ve also added a handy preview for photos and GIFs when you hover over the image to make sure you pick the
perfect expression.

Web Links: Reference a website without having to leave Yahoo Mail by searching for the restaurant, hotel, movie, etc. right within the
panel. The link will appear in your email with an informative link preview.

Once you have selected through from plus button to add, all you have to do that click the particular files and drag and drop into the email compose box. And now ready to share your friends and colleagues.

Via: Yahoo Tumblr

Image Credit: Luca Conti / Flickr

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