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Linky App Produces A Bundle Of Share Option To Social Media From iPhone & iPad

Before arrival of iOS 8 for sharing links and photos are coming much difficult, but using an iOS 8 operating system still some of features is missing at the moment. Linky app is a iOS app that carries a ton of options to social followers.

While using Linky, you can affix and share those links straightaway to Facebook (Profile and Pages), Twitter and App.net. The most of important things, that we have to say, it can control numerous of sharing to different accounts, including image, choosing a text, identify the friends on Facebook, and most social app. If you wish to share directly from your iPhone and iPad, it’s the perfect solution comparing to default sharing settings.

Linky introducing a new version 5.0, which going to help, to share unlimited features from iOS. Here it comes from the Official app.

### Share Images
Add images to your posts (animated gif images are also supported).
Share pictures from Photos app and third-party applications using the extension.
Preview images in fullscreen before sending.

### Suggested images
Linky suggests images related to shared links and can attach them to your messages.

### Text Shot
Linky generates a text shot from selected text in Safari.

### More Powerful Extension
The extension can now be used in applications to share text extracts and images.

### New Composer Design
The message composer has been redesigned. Account selection is now easier and the all-new image picker
allows you to quickly select images from your recent Photos, a suggested image, a Linky-generated text shot,
and a clipboard image all from one easy to use view.

### And More
• When available, the Twitter account of the website’s author is displayed in the mention toolbar (tap “@” in the
message composer to show the mention toolbar).
• There are no more restrictions when sending a message to multiple accounts (previously, it was limited to 2
• Change the audience of your Facebook post directly in the composer (previously, it was a fixed setting in the
• x-callback APIs have been updated and there are 2 new actions: “compose” (open the composer with an input
text and image) and “shorten” (shorten an input link and returns it to the caller). The documentation of the API is
available in the Settings screen.

### Tips
• Go to “Settings > Extension Settings” and toggle “Insert Image Automatically” to automatically add suggested
images to your messages.
• In the composer, you can long tap a Facebook account to change his audience.
• To post a message simultaneously on multiple accounts: in the message composer, go to the accounts view,
then for each account tap the corresponding checkmark.

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