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Easy Way You Can View Source Code from Webpage in Safari Browser

If you view any webpage that looks pretty cool then you can understand on the web page the source code running successfully. And it serves a beautiful design the users. Sometimes you can’t view the code, to know what kind of code that was build behind the webpage. While viewing the source code that very simple for all kind of browser engine and the same thing you can do with Safari browser.

While using Safari on Mac it works perfectly, but you can use on Chrome and Firefox. To view the source code, unlock the hidden menu from the browser.

Here it’s a simple step that you can easily view the source code.

1. Open the Safari browser on your Mac system.

2. Once it was loaded successfully, click Safari–> Preferences.

3. After Preferences panel opened, click Advanced.

4. Inside the Advanced tab, at the end of the window you can ”Show Develop menu in menu bar’‘ and make a right mark.

5. Now, you can check develop menu unlocked in Safari browser on your Mac OS. And also you can view the source code some other ways.

While using Develope Menu in Safari, once you unlocked ”Develop”–> Show Page Source. And the Safari browser on the time it shows you the source code.

If you want to get inside the source code very fast and you want to view a number web pages, you may go with a shortcut with the default keyboard. As much as faster than going into menu bar and selecting the feature. All you have to do use ”Option+Command+U”. That’s it.

There is one more option that you can make right-click on the context menu, you can find immediately find the source code.

That’s it.

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