Steam Games Is Now Set to Move a New Installation Folders

You can do manually to move the installation folder for Steam any moment, when you move the game folder it gets you a real affliction. A video game industry and digital distribution Valve ready to sort out those game folders with few clicks.

The game folders can be saved from the download around the part. If you have installed a new local drive and you want to move a new game folder. The feature, it takes totally different to move game folders from Stream, which brings you to move every single folder, but the following process takes only few of game data not a entire game storage.

To create a new Steam Folder:

* Click Steam

* Settings

* Downloads

* Steam Library Folders

* Add Library Folder

* Click New Folder

* Set the new name and Click OK and Select to folder option that you have done.

To change the Steam game folders to another place, here is the simple process:

* Find a newly created folder and make right-click on them

* Properties

* Local Files tab

* Move Install Folder

* Move Folder button.

That’s all.

Via: Artem Russakovskii / Google+, How-To Geek

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