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How it comes simple in that way we travel, the same thing that everyone use when the computer start and stop the function. Especially, when you care with Windows 10 power menu, you can shut down or keep the computer into Sleep mode. If you know that computer or PC having a physical power button? What can do with that and how it comes simple through on our hands.

Basically, your computer’s power button comes as a default, but you can find some other way to turn off your computer without using screen power button. The site MakeUseOf pointed out.

* Right click on Windows Start button

* Power Options

* Under Related Settings

* Additional power settings

* Control Panel–> Power Options

* Choose what the power buttons do

* Check two types of label When I press the power button or When I press the sleep button

If you work with a laptop the default settings totally different in mind. It’s depends on a variety of computers where you can face  physical sleep mode. For this you can search through from keyboards. When you prepared to choose a power button turn off the Windows PC, you can make faster to shut down from your PC screen, this may help you to save battery energy.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf 

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