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We want all to stay with secure life, even your countless amount data wants to be protected as well. If you want to protect then you need to work with two-factor authentication on your account that finally comes up on the top. Normally, it requires code that sent through SMS or created by the application, and this come a long version of every app. On this way, Dropbox brings the feature to their users that you can access your account very safe and secure through on your mobile prompts for two-step authentication.

The same feature you have been using on Google, when you are going to log in your mobile receive a notification for conformation. Once you turned, Google uses all sign in mobile prompts as a default setting. When it comes to Dropbox this solution works for backup mode along with authentication.

To get into the function, Clicking Having trouble getting a code? After that username and password.

To run this machine, you need to be an open Dropbox app for mobile. After you will receive the notification for make confirmation from your mobile that happen manually and you need to login to the account. This program works on both iOS and Android devices as well.

That’s it.

Source: Dropbox Blog Via: Android Police

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