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Whenever you use Gmail account, you can use search filters, and set inbox with color labels. This is the actual service that provide when you head over to make file attachments. But you can choose some easy way which comes through Chrome extension.

The dittach is a chrome extension, this toolkit can solve your issues. If it’s your email getting busy to receive or send any file attachments, then only one way you can use this file manager to give more room to control the email any situation.

When you add this chrome extension on your browser, this one right has now come beta and works automatically through in inbox.

First, you should download the Dittach extension from Chrome web. And get the permission from the Gmail account, so it can manage easily without any complexity. You can check this Dittach on the sidebar of inbox. The sidebar will display attachments with a date. Each feed brings with thumbnail attachment, sender name, file type, name, and date. You can click the attachments to know the details. Finally, you can bring the save, print, or make forward from side bar.

When you own this Dittach extension, it works almost audio and video file attachments. You can make filter on the file attachments. This tiny extension only works with Gmail and it gives you a new way to search any file. Even, you can use a keyword or email ID.

That’s it.

Source: Dittach

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