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If the program stands front or behind the screen, nearly every application takes bites from your mobile data. You can check through phone status, which application using the huge amount of data. Otherwise, you can install Google’s Datally app, it’s a mobile data saver application. It can find your phone using data, and it makes simple that alert you that particular app consuming heavy data from your phone data plan. If you do with work with this application, it can cut those app accesses in unwanted time with all do respect single tap functionality.

Datally display the details. Over the period of time, that you spend the data in day, week, or month. The app depends on your phone data that how much amount of data was left behind the screen. And also the app uses VPN network to know the data and their restriction.

You can set Datally to display through small size of bubble app, and it gives a real-time notification that how much amount of data has been used. This app can restrict any app that you have installed it can be manageable, giving some access point to mobile data when you restricted the app and give other apps. Doing this you can play some online streaming video, watching movies, and more. Even, the app can find a nearby Wi-Fi network, so you can able to save a few MB data.

Google’s Datally can watch your data when it gets entered and exit from your mobile phone. And it will collect the usage of data to know the phone user. To download this application, your phone must be Android 5.0 and later.

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Source: Google’s Datally

Via: Lifehacker

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