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While many applications that you have been tested to create and share your photo and video from Snapchat, but using in this application, it has a lot of fun features, and you pick the Android phone it gets a lazy in the market. When you use Snapchat, it can occupy the photos even your Android phone has high-end resolution. And this form makes you more backward, the app sucks your phone battery life and data.

You have a problem that your phone battery drain and running mobile data. Unfortunately, there are the feature settings it may help you to secure from battery drainer and mobile data usage through from Snapchat. The site Wonderhowto pointed to prevent those items.

Save Data from Snapchat:

* Open Snapchat

* Swipe down and go ahead into the main menu

* Tap Cog Wheel icon

* Manage Preferences

* Enable your ”Travel Mode”

Finally, you can check the mobile data never display in the background.

Disable Location to Save Your Android Battery:

When it comes to battery saver, the Snapchat gets load to check the location to update on the app background, which keeps you up-to-date and alarm you. You can control this issue, for this your Android phone must be Marshmallow and later version.

* Open Settings–>Apps

* Select Snapchat

* Permissions

* Disable ”Locations”

Furthermore, your Snapchat never gets scanning process of your current locations, so your Android device battery may get piece of mind.

If you are using a continuous Snapchat like this, Geofilters and Our Story may affect from battery saving, so you want to use Geofilters you need to activate temporarily to scan your location, once you get the result you want to save battery, you can immediately turn it off. That’s it.

Source: Snapchat Via: Wonderhowto

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