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The disconnected feature VPN has been given a new life. Opera browser gets again the popular VPN on his desktop version. It means you can work with anonymously without tracking your searching ability. It’s cool now. You can ask about Android, here is a good news that come alive on Android with opera browser v 51.

We will come straighaway to the point, you can downlaod the opera browser through on play store. And if it’s opera browser v 51 then you can go with VPN to enable on your smartphone.

How To Activate VPN:

While using Opera browser you can make sign in to sync the browsing abilities and other features. The main feature which you are going to access VPN you no need any sign in process, it comes through free service not a paid version. Here is the few steps you can learn to activate the VPN on opera browser for Android.

Load Opera browser on your smartphone.

At the right corner you can see the Opera browser icon.

Click the Opera browser icon and the small page comes up on the same home page.

Click the gear icon (Settings) and it will take into the next page.

On the settings page, browser title below you can VPN.

Click the slider button next VPN. And it will display with blue color activation.

That’s it.

Note: While you enabling Data saving you will get dismiss the VPN service, It means you need to work with full bandwidth. To take down the privacy and security.

Source: Opera Browser

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