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If you misplaced your Android mobile somewhere else, then how they can know? Is it yours, well If you ask me there is no answer to rectify the problem. But How-To-Geek came for you to solve the issues by recommending owner info. Those who are Android mobile user, they can easily fix with their owner information by putting display on mobile lock screen. So they can return it back easily. Lets you welcome to our Gotowebsites.info, you will get step by step to set your owner name on your Android mobile lock screen very fast.


On your mobile Drag and down the screen with finger, you will notify the gear icon on the top of the right (I am using my HUAWEI mobile) corner. Click once. And you will find “Security”



From the security, you just move three steps below, you will find “Owner info” select and  go to the next step.



Finally, you will be Showing owner info on the lock screen, for this, just click inside the box the right mark will appear. After that you can see one big box below to add your name to display on the mobile main lock screen. That’s it.


Via: How-To-Geek 

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